lithium battery jump starter auto battery booster with type-c port


lithium battery jump starter auto battery booster with type-c port

This lithium battery jump starter 12V portable power pack auto battery booster, Only 1.75 pounds weight, easy to hold with one hand, enough to store in your glove box, light to pack in your bag, ideal for traveling and working remotely.

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car jump starter information

1. Jump Starter Car Life Saver: Jump starts your vehicle (up to 7.0L gas or 5.5L diesel engine) up to 30 times with 1000 amps of peak current and heavy-duty clamps and cables.
2. 3rd Generation QDSP TECHNOLOGY: “Quick Discharge Start Power” technology makes this starter 3 times powerful compared to the same capacity. “Compact & Powerful” it works well in low temperature even under -20℃ and equipped with LCD displayed smart protection clamp.
3. Smart intelligent Clamp: Clear instructional guideline LCD display indicated 8 advanced safety technology features
4. Quick Charging USB Ports & Type C Port: USB-C output (5V/3A), 2 USB output (5V/2.1A, 5V 2.4A/9V 2A).
5. What You Get: 1 x Jumpstarter, 1 x Carry case, 1 x LCD smart Clamp, 1 x Type C cable (type C cable color may change without notice), 1 x User Manual and 2 years warranty service.
6. it can come in especially handy for those who are camping or traveling. You will never have to worry about having a dead phone or a dead vehicle and being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

portable car battery jump starter Features

*Safety and faster jump-start your flat battery in 1- 3 seconds.
*Quick charge your multi electronic devices.
*Bright LED flashlight with SOS, STROBE.
*Easy to carry and use, very convenient to your life.
*UL2743 / CE / FCC / RoHS Certified.
*Safety and Powerful emergency battery backup.
*Versatile, handy, ultra-compact to store in your glove box.
*Quick charge your electronic devices, perfect for you camping, travel, etc.


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